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Get the whole picture through the power of integration

At Firefly we recognise the complex nature of modern learning. With the differing requirements of each department along with the variety of teaching styles employed by individual teachers it is not unusual to find schools using a wide range of tools and platforms to deliver teaching and learning.

However, we also understand the importance of a strategic approach to online learning tools. Schools need to ensure that teaching is not siloed by the use of individual tools, so that school leaders have a holistic understanding of the quality of teaching and learning in their establishment. 

Firefly’s powerful integration layer works with the tools that schools are already using, from its deep MIS integrations, to its partnerships with Google, Microsoft and a host of content providers. Whether through platform integrations, or simply SSO, Firefly provides a single, central hub for all of a school’s activities, enabling one “true view” into the learning experience, eliminating data silos, and reducing the maintenance burden.

Schools using Firefly are able to take advantage of our partnerships and integrations with a wide range of productivity tools, content providers and MIS platforms:


MIS Integrations

Deep integrations with the most popular MIS providers means that Firefly allows schools to give parents greater visibility of the learning experience, sharing attendance and behaviour records, school reports and timetables, alongside their child’s homework and grades through the Firefly Student Profile. Single Sign On means that parents can move seamlessly between Firefly and platforms such as iSAMS and Schoolbase ensuring that they have all the information they need, when they need it without the headache of multiple logins and passwords.


Content integrations

Content from publishers such as Classoos, Clickview and Planet e-stream can be easily added to Firefly resources and tasks, bringing the best learning content together for teachers and students. Share videos from Youtube, online quizzes from Quizlet, or science simulations from PHET in one space making it easier for students to get the material they need; homework can be better supported with learning content embedded into the task itself, and the integrated Firefly markbook makes it simple to track progress and identify those students in need of further support.


Productivity tools

Partnerships with Google and Microsoft allow teachers to share resources and activities in Firefly, whilst students have the tools they need to complete assignments and homework, and are able to share these with their teachers in the way that best suits them. Teachers can provide feedback through audio, video and text, helping each student achieve their personal best.


Admin integration

Admin tools such as Classcharts, Parents Evening booking systems, school calendars and sports fixtures can all be accessed from Firefly with a single log in, saving time and effort for everyone involved, whether teachers, parents or office staff.


Why bring all your tools into one centralised hub?

With all of this activity managed through a single platform, Firefly’s unique learning experience database is able to provide a unified record, capturing the learning journey of every student and 
every class, term by term, year by year. Teachers can track the challenges their students face, along with their achievements and progress, students can better understand how to achieve personal success, and school leaders are enlightened. 

Every school is unique. Born for schools, Firefly fits each school’s unique culture and frees every teacher to guide and adapt the learning journey in their own way. If you would like to give it a try - sign up for a free demo here. 

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