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Data Analyst

Our purpose

Firefly is an EdTech platform trusted by schools in over 40 countries around the world. We simplify the most challenging aspects of teaching and learning, saving teachers valuable time, and helping parents to engage with their child’s progress, ensuring that every student gets the best chance at learning, whatever the circumstances.


How you can help

We already have a rich heritage, we’ve won loads of awards, and have a great reputation with schools worldwide. Going forward, we have even greater ambitions to help every student reach their full potential. Schools’ digital strategies are evolving fast, especially following a chaotic year of unexpected school closures and remote learning. We want to work with a data analyst so that we can all proactively understand and respond to the patterns we see in the data we are already collecting. With your observations and insights, you’ll be enabling the Product Team to make data-informed decisions for our product, so that we can reach our strategic goals.


We want to work with someone who

  • Has a foundational knowledge of statistical theory and basic testing practice, and the ability to apply it appropriately.
  • Can manage our data analysis tool (we currently use Pendo) and audit as necessary, making sure the tool is as reliable and useful to the team as possible.
  • Cares about our users as individuals, recognising that we aim to understand user behaviours, not chase numbers.
  • Will make an effort to understand the most important organisational problems that need to be solved, and why.
  • Can apply a systematic, analytical approach to finding meaning in large volumes of data.
  • Can present insights to stakeholders in appropriate and easy to understand language.
  • Demonstrates intellectual curiosity, considering problem-solving from multiple angles and diving deeper than the surface results.
  • Will coach colleagues in data interpretation and how to recognise key user behaviours.
  • Is determined to achieve our ambitious goals.
  • Shows fellowship, working with others with warmth, respect and empathy.
  • Will be motivated by the difference we can make to students in the long term.


In return, you will benefit from

  • Being able to strengthen the practice of data analysis in the Product Team and the company.
  • Growing and developing in your career as a data analyst.
  • Being part of a highly collaborative Product team, who love to learn.
  • Informing decision-making in our product design process.
  • Having a real impact on the lives of students, teachers and parents around the world.


Day to day activities might include

  • Analysing usage patterns in our key workflows, communicating findings with reasoning and recommendations, helping us make local decisions towards optimising our features.
  • Analysing overall usage patterns, looking out for trends and industry changes, helping us make global decisions that influence the product strategy.
  • Building dashboards, making it easier for key stakeholders to check the status of key metrics.
  • Triaging and responding to requests for insights.
  • Keeping data up to date, accurate, and complete, making adjustments as needed.
  • Collaborating with data owners across the organisation to ensure our data analysis practices are integrated, efficient and effective.


Your experience

We’re eager to work with someone early on in their career, perhaps you’ve just finished a data science course at undergraduate or masters level, or have worked as a data analyst for two or three years and are looking for a new challenge. We’re keen to hear from you!

You don’t need to have used our data analytics platform, Pendo, before, but it would help if you have experience using similar tools, such as Mixpanel, Amplitude or Google Analytics.


Location, travel and flexibility

  • We’re a fully remote company with team members located around the UK, and key locations globally. This role is UK based.
  • We intend to meet up occasionally, as a Product Team and as a company, but given the current pandemic, we’ll only meet when it is safe to do so.
  • This is a full-time position, but we are happy to talk to applicants who are interested in working part-time, or need flexible working arrangements.

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