Referral scheme T&Cs

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The offer applies to Firefly on a 3 year licence and the referred school needs to sign contract within 6 months of the date of referral.

The party being referred must be a new school to Firefly i.e. not already presented in  our CRM pipeline.

Firefly will pay the referral incentive into the referring partner’s bank account. This applies upon successful signature of a three year license by the school you referred.

£500*/A$875 on any deals below £5000*/A$8000 and £1000*/A$1750 on deals above £5000*/A$8000 (For group schools please contact

Discounts under this referral scheme will only be applied once a contract has been signed by the new school and the new school has remained under contract for a minimum period of 3 consecutive months.

You will be responsible for any dealings with the Inland Revenue regarding your incentive and tax due, if any.

Where the party being referred is referred by more than one person, we will operate a first -come first-served policy. We will notify you as soon as possible in such cases, that your referral has already been made by another party.

On the occasion where the individual doing the referral works for the party being referred only discounts under this scheme will apply.

The referrer confirms; the contact name, address, telephone number and email address via e-mail or letter, of the proposed school, prior to the receipt of the referred party’s details. An email between the referrer and referred party forwarded to Firefly will suffice.

In the event of any disputed referrals, Firefly Learning’s decision will be final and binding

These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

*or the equivalent in your local currency