Student and Parent Exam Revision Guides

Exams are certainly nerve-racking for both students and their parents, even for teachers too; all hoping that students remember everything necessary to get their desired results. 

The best way to guarantee students achieve their potential is to help them build a solid revision strategy that works well for them. However, with everyone having different learning styles, what might work well for one student won’t work for another, and vice versa.


There may not be a one-size-fits-all revision strategy, but we’ve put together two guides with top tips and ideas for what to do when revising. A guide for students to help them build the best revision strategy for them, and a guide for parents to help them support their children to revise effectively.

Download our revision guides for advice on:

✓ Revision timetables
✓ Study space
✓ Revision techniques
✓ The exam day!

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