Updates for teachers

Our latest update is due for release shortly and we are delighted to announce our newest features in the task management process in Firefly. Following on from feedback from teachers, it is now possible to manage tasks set to students more intuitively, with further options to sort, archive and filter tasks. This will make it quicker and easier for teachers to manage the tasks they have set for their students.

Sorting tasks - it is now possible to sort and order tasks by due or set date and in ascending or descending order; whichever option is selected will then be remembered as the default choice for the teacher.

Archiving tasks - tasks can now be bulk archived according to their due or set date, but it is also possible to select individual tasks for archiving from the task list making it simpler for teachers to ‘tidy up’ the tasks they are monitoring.

Filtering tasks - the new task filter options allow tasks to be viewed according to status, (active and archived), class group and by a variety of date options.

The new task management options will help teachers to keep their task lists up to date and organised, helping to make homework more manageable and less time-consuming.

To learn more about tasks and other Firefly features, check out the Help Centre documentation.